leadership hereThe dental industry has been a thriving business for the last five years. There is an increased number in the population who are concerned with oral care. Gone are the days when people just go to the dentist to get their tooth pulled out or your biannual oral checkup. Nowadays, there are many dental clinics esteemed by a lot of frequent visitors due to their various services like brace fitting, dental surgery, dentures relines, tooth implants, and the like. Managing a dental clinic is no walk in the park because the main dentist is the boss as well as the key employee along with the other dentists and members of the staff. That is why good leadership skills are needed to run your operation smoothly.


Everyone needs a good tap on the back once in a while especially if he has done a good job. As the manager, it is one of your jobs to recognize the hard work that your staff has put in because your operation will fail had it not been for them. Recognize if they did a good job and give where credit is due.


One way to improve the service of your clinic or business is to have a monthly performance evaluation. This evaluation will encourage your team to do better and focus on delivering results. A good team translates to good business so try to make time for these assessments. Good leadership stems from knowing and understanding what your team lacks and being able to advise them on what they can do.


One of the reasons why the clinic staff is underperforming is because they lack in training. As busy as you are in between treating and entertaining patients, you need to provide adequate training and a refresher about the system in the workplace. It is important to review or reacquaint your team to the systems especially the most used ones.

As someone who is the top of the management of the business that you run, bear in mind that you need to create simple and systematic structure of your office administration, operations, and even front desk duties. It will be impossible to hover over your team every time to check what they are doing. As a manager and a practitioner, uncomplicated and easy- to- follow systems are what will enable you and your team to create a good working environment.