What’s the Number 1 Driver behind a Successful Profitable Dental Practice?

dental practice consultingAsk any dental consultant, there are a boat load of characteristic traits one could look for to define a profitable dental practice.

Ask any dentist or dental practice management consultant and they will give you a varied handful of winning combination punches for success but what is the underlying current beneath everything, what drives success and profit in a dental practice?

The key element shared amongst all dental offices is a cohesive well trained and connected dental team.

Commonly dental consultants will work to improve a dental practice team’s shared vision and shared enthusiasm. These shared goals (more revenue and more profit) end up guiding employee action and at the end of the day you’ll see your practice thrive with appointments completely booked.

In regards to a dental office, the team members consist of the dentist(s) the front desk staff, billing, and techs like dental hygienists.

OK what the heck does cohesive mean? Well a team has to be able to work together. This means handing off the baton/patient with both consistent verbal and physical queues. Cohesive means everyone is in the same mindset – to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Well trained means dental office staff not only know their technical protocols but also they can speak effectively to patients.

The rough and abrasive need not apply. Take time to evaluate everyone’s demeanor and correct it on the spot when less than ideal behavior is exhibited.

A well trained team is connected not only to the needs of the patient but the vision of the dentist. Not all dentists can effectively share their vision. Some don’t even have much of one.

Dentists take heed and make your vision clear to all that work to support it. A dental consultant can not only help with business development and increase dental revenue but also help build a strong and effective dental team with proven team building exercises.

In the end, it is all about the team, their attitudes, their words and their actions. Keep it positive and correct the negative and you will be fine. Drop the duds and give your valuable assets raises, that’s the best thing you can do as a dentist.